Theme: The Devoted

sermon theme for 2016

Theme Verse: Acts 2:36-47

God in His infinite wisdom sent His only begotten Son (John 3:16) to a world at just the right time (Romans 5:6-11). The world power was Rome. Rome intentionally chose to influence the world in every major way. They used their military might to gain control of the territory but they didn’t stop with military power. Rome influenced through their religious convictions, culture and education. They fought hard to redefine freedom. Their system of life left many who were under their reign feeling helpless and worthless. This was the era in which God chose to send His Son and this is the time that the Church grew the most. When you read through the book of ACTS you see a culture that transcended everything around them. You see a new community birthed in the heart of oppression that changed the world. We want what they had and what Jesus promised for all who follow Him. Our aim this year is to be a community of hope for a dying world who do not know Jesus. Please come and experience the journey with those of us who are striving to live as “The Devoted.”