Opening Day of building used my the church at Winterville


The Westside church of Christ met for the first time December 1, 1996, at the Howard Johnson motel on Memorial Drive. This congregation came together when about 40 men, women and children left the Greenville church of Christ to begin a new work with a focus on the west side of Greenville. On that first Sunday morning, the first song was “To God Be the Glory.” Brother Jack R. McNeil of the Park Street congregation in Columbia, SC, was the speaker. The Lord’s people from several congregations came to offer support and encouragement. Our attendance was 65 and the contribution was $2,710.
As the church organized, it was helped by individuals and sister congregations who were a source of encouragement. Winfred Felton and the Claiborne Street church of Christ in Goldsboro provided collection plates. The church in Coldwater, Mississippi, sent money for songbooks, while Sadie Busch, the sister of Willie Mae Gibbs, ordered songbooks to be sent directly to us. The Greenville church of Christ allowed us the use of their baptistery at any time.
On February 23, 1997, Westside relocated to 400 W. Fifth Street . The additional space accommodated classes for adults and children. Several men of the congregation regularly delivered the Sunday sermons, and there were occasional guest speakers.
In November, 2001, the congregation moved to 106 Oakmont Drive.
The East Carolina church of Christ was established in December, 2002 and met in the Winterville Kiwanis building on Forlines Road in Winterville. After much discussion and prayer, the Westside and East Carolina congregations merged in October, 2004, and decided to continue using the Oakmont Drive location as a meeting place. About 12 men of the congregation regularly delivered Sunday sermons until Winfred Felton, III, was hired as our first full-time evangelist. He and his family moved to Greenville in July, 2005.
On July 27, 2008, the Lord blessed us with our first building of our very own. We held our first services that weekend with an open house on July 26, 2008, and hosted an area- wide singing with 100 in attendance. On our first Sunday as the new church of Christ, Winterville, our attendance was 119.